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William Allan is an investment advisory firm formed in 2004.  Our one and only goal is to assist clients to achieve their investment goal(s) through the growth of their capital.  Today, we work with over 200 clients, including individuals, businesses, trusts, and non-profit institutions.


In addition to these past 19 years with William Allan, our investment management experience spans another twelve years as managing members of The Westmoreland Group; an investment group focused on capital growth utilizing the very investment approach that’s at the core of our firm today. 


Over the past three decades, we have seen the best of times and the worst of times (i.e., four major market corrections) and are better for it all.  While we can’t predict what will happen over the next three decades, we do have a good sense that we will all be better for it.


When we say “we all,” this includes us not just as your advisor but as your fellow investor.  You see, our entire personal net worth (outside of primary residence ownership) is invested in the same investments as our clients.  This only makes sense, right?  To put it another way, we eat our own cooking! 


The Principals

Marcus Crawshaw 

Prior to his current role, for just over a decade, Marcus gained valuable experience managing a 50-member investment group implementing the very investment approach we use today.  Concurrently, Marcus was employed as an analyst/consultant by some of the top strategic management consulting firms.  This business and investment experience provided the foundation for his role the past 19 years.  An investment advisor building growth focused investment portfolios to meet our clients' goals.

Jason Crawshaw

Jason has spent 30+ years crafting a well-rounded finance career defined by the highest level of combined tax and investing expertise.  Armed with the CPA designation for all but two years of his career, Jason has filled the roles of CEO, COO, and CFO for distinguished financial organizations.  For the past 19 years he has assisted clients, both individuals & organizations alike, in achieving tax effective investment success by minimizing taxes while maximizing investment returns.

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