William Allan Wealth Management is an investment advisory firm formed in 2004.  Our one and only goal is to assist clients achieve their investment goal(s) through the growth of their capital.  Today, we work with nearly 200 clients, including individuals, businesses, trusts and non-profit institutions.


Financial professionals have many choices in how to operate their practice.  From day one, we have run our practice with one overarching theme:  Do what’s in the best interest of the client.  To that, we are a fee-only, independent advisor who, manage/select our own investments.  This approach perfectly aligns our interest with our client’s interest…the only way it should be. 


To further deepen our client relationship(s), the majority of our personal net worth (outside of primary residence ownership) is invested in the same investments as our clients.  This only makes sense, right?  To put it another way, we eat our own cooking!  

Jason Crawshaw
Founder and Principal

Jason has spent 30+ years crafting a well-rounded finance career defined by the highest level of combined tax and investing expertise.  Armed with the CPA designation for all but two years of his career, Jason has filled the roles of CEO, COO, and CFO for distinguished financial organizations.  For the past 17 years he has assisted clients, both individuals & organizations alike, in achieving tax effective investment success by minimizing taxes while maximizing investment returns.

Andrew Moretine

Coming Soon!

Marcus Crawshaw

At age 17, Marcus became an investor with his first stock purchase... 100 shares of Mattel (a trade he split 50/50 with a friend).  The next three decades he has honed his investment craft via an investment club he cofounded, as a managing member of an investment group, and finally a portfolio manager for the past 16+ years.  Today, his passion for building long-lasting investment portfolios is only matched by his desire to help clients plan for and exceed their financial goals.

Jimmy Monti
Advisor Representative

Jimmy spent three years on the Executive Board and four years on the Board of Trustees of a large non-profit organization. As a Trustee, Jimmy was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization’s finance and accounting, including instituting changes that would lead to savings of approximately $3 million over 4 years.  Jimmy has seamlessly transitioned these skills to the world of wealth management where he assists clients in establishing then meeting their investment goals.