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We have two investment strategies, Core Equity and Income+.  Simply, one is geared to grow wealth to the point where the other takes over with the main goal of creating meaningful income… while still experiencing growth.


Central to both strategies is the use of individual stocks and then the introduction of more income-focused securities (i.e., REITs, preferred stocks, utilities, and bonds) to your portfolio to meet your individual income needs.   


Building these portfolios of individual securities is the only way to meet your specific income and growth goals/needs.


Core Equity

An Investment Approach You Can Trust For The Long-Term… 

For over a quarter of a century, our approach has centered on structuring a portfolio of 40 – 60 positions with long-term growth potential to exceed clients’ needs during both savings and income years.   A combination of portfolio growth via stock appreciation and income via stock dividends has resulted in an approach built for longevity… proven by its steady performance through both bull and bear markets. 

We invest in companies that have a long runway of growth, produce Economic Value Added (EVA), demonstrate intangibles that set it apart, and strong management.  We add these businesses only when they trade at a discount to what we believe to be is their fair value.  

Our approach eliminates the majority of publicly traded stocks, leaving us with no more than a couple of hundred of companies on our watchlist.  Over our two decades of investing, it is this discipline that is responsible for the majority of our investment success.

Core Equity
Image by Ivan Bandura


During our savings/accumulation phase of life, we are all laser-focused on growing our assets.  Therefore, we all share a similar portfolio of stocks.  This all changes once we reach retirement or income years.  Every person has different income goals/needs.  Clearly, we recognize this and proceed accordingly.


Our Income+ strategy meets the individual’s income needs by utilizing the asset classes at our disposal.  This mainly includes stocks, preferred stocks, REITs, utilities and bonds.  Our first goal (yes, there is a second goal) is to “lock-in” your income via the dividend payments each of these assets provides.


In addition, our second goal (the +) is portfolio growth.  Most of us are going to live longer than we think.  Therefore, we need our assets to grow to continue to provide the asset base from which to derive income.  To combat longevity risk, we continue to utilize equity investments not only to provide income but also for portfolio growth.


This approach is very individualized… as it should be.  Models that put you into a standard 60/40 allocation based on “risk tolerance” only limit your portfolio potential and thus will not meet your specific goals.  Our Income+ strategy solidifies your income while getting the most out of your portfolio.

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