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The goals of our two investment strategies are to 1) Primarily utilize stocks to build wealth during your investing/saving years, and 2) Introduce more income-focused securities (i.e., REITs, preferred stocks, utilities, and bonds) to your portfolio to meet your individual needs.  Building these portfolios of individual securities is the only way to meet your specific income and growth goals/needs.


For individuals, we work with clients who share our long-term commitment to true wealth building.  In our experience (2+ decades), success can be achieved with a lifetime focus on wealth planning, tax analysis, and portfolio management.

For Institutions, we work in two roles, 1) the client’s sole advisor, and 2) a  portfolio manager tasked with guiding a portion of the client’s overall assets.


Whatever the topic (interest rates, economy, a specific company, etc.), if we feel we can give you a different viewpoint, simplify the topic, or just apply some sanity, we will take a crack at it... in our own unique way.  In addition to social media outlets, we utilize our blog,, as well as client quarterly newsletters to disseminate information.




Nothing makes us happier than to talk investments and strategy. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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