Since 2001, an investment advisor firm focused on meeting the long-term goals of individuals & institutional clients.

At our firm's core is a steadfast portfolio management & highly disciplined investment selection process that we've been utilizing for nearly three decades.



Investment Approach

An Investment Approach You Can Trust For The Long-Term… 

For over a quarter of a century, our approach has centered on structuring a portfolio of 40 – 60 positions with long-term growth potential to exceed clients’ needs during both savings and income years.   A combination of portfolio growth via stock appreciation and income via stock dividends has resulted in an approach built for longevity… proven by its steady performance through both bull and bear markets. 

We invest in companies that have a long runway of growth, produce Economic Value Added (EVA), demonstrate intangibles that set it apart, and strong management.  We add these businesses only when they trade at a discount to what we believe to be is their fair value.  

Our approach eliminates the majority of publicly traded stocks, leaving us with no more than a couple of hundred of companies on our watchlist.  Over our two decades of investing, it is this discipline that is responsible for the majority of our investment success.


News / Opinions

Whatever the topic (interest rates, economy, a specific company, etc.), if we feel we can give you a different viewpoint, simplify the topic, or just apply some sanity, we will definitely take a crack at it... in our own unique way.  Happy reading! 

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Glass Buildings

The Firm

We have managed money for nearly three decades as investment club founders, then as managing members of an investment group, and for the past 19+ years for our clients. Today, our one and only goal is to assist clients achieve their investment goals.  Currently, we work with nearly 165 clients, including individuals, businesses, trusts and non-profit institutions.


Further deepening our client relationship, outside of our home ownership, our entire personal net worth is invested in the same investments as our clients.  This only makes sense, right?  To put it another way, we eat our own cooking!

Jason Crawshaw


Jason has spent 30+ years crafting a well-rounded finance career defined by the highest level of combined tax and investing expertise.  Armed with the CPA designation for all but two years of his career, Jason has filled the roles of CEO, COO, and CFO for distinguished financial organizations.  For the past 19 years he has assisted clients, both individuals & organizations alike, in achieving tax effective investment success by minimizing taxes while maximizing investment returns.

Marcus Crawshaw


Prior to his current role, for just over a decade, Marcus gained valuable experience managing a 50-member investment group implementing the very investment approach we use today.  Concurrently, Marcus was employed as an analyst/consultant by some of the top strategic management consulting firms.  This business and investment experience provided the foundation for his role the past 19 years.  An investment advisor building growth focused investment portfolios to meet our clients' goals.


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