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Whatever the topic (interest rates, economy, a specific company, etc.), if we feel we can give you a different viewpoint, simplify the topic, or just apply some sanity, we will take a crack at it... in our own unique way. We know investment success is a product of staying invested for the long-term.  And our goal is to share as much info/data that you, too, will one day ignore the short-term noise so you can enjoy the long-term gains.


In addition to social media outlets, we utilize our blog,, as well as client quarterly newsletters to disseminate information.

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Latest Posts:
May 29th, 2023: Higher Education… A Day Of Reckoning Sooner Than Later
May 5th, 2023: A Periodic Reminder: Gold Is Not An Investment
February 17th, 2023: What If Stock Market Investing Was Gambling… Sin City Would Go Out Of Biz Quickly
January 19th, 2023: Stock Market History Is On Your Side… But Does It Really Matter In The Long-Run
December 16, 2022: The FTX Dumpster Fire: A Harsh Investment Reminder

Quarterly Newsletter

Recent Newsletters:
Q1 2023: As Uncertainty Persists… Opportunities Abound
Q4 2022: Staying The Course As The Fed Attempts To Unwind Its Mess
Q3 2022: We Weren't Kidding When We Said "Don't Fight The Fed"
Q2 2022: What The Fed Giveth... It Taketh

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