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LAUSD Pension Participants

Over our two-plus decades, we are grateful to call several educators some of our longest-tenured clients.  As a few begin to retire, their early and continuing commitment to building wealth via a stock portfolio is clearly demonstrating its immense contribution to the dignified retirement they, and quite frankly, all people deserve.  For teachers, this commitment is a lot easier than it may seem!


Powered by your Calstrs pension benefit, your retired years are poised for success.  Unfortunately, this benefit is only intended to replace a portion of your pre-retirement income (40% - 80%, depending on personal factors).  Fortunately, with some commitment to saving/investing, making up the remaining portion is there for the taking.  In fact, when invested correctly, you could build generational wealth while continuing to increase your annual income while in retirement.

Take a look… One chart demonstrates how your income will increase in retirement, and the other chart shows the growth of your investment portfolio before and in retirement.



Copy of growth (7)_edited.png

The charts are based on the following assumptions...


Your pension is a great asset you have worked hard for and that you so richly deserve.  As demonstrated above, putting some effort into building an investment portfolio will go that much further.

We invite you to receive our white paper, Filling The Income Gap. In brief, we discuss Calstrs, provide an analysis of the income gap created, and share our approach to filling this gap on the way to helping educators achieve the dignified retirement you all deserve.

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