Tax, Investment, & Retirement Planning

Our financial advising approach: No two clients are alike, but there is definitely a process to position you for investment success (i.e., achieve your future financial goal).  Below are the typical steps we take to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to improve upon your current situation. 



Tax Return Review:

The media would lead you to believe that your house, car(s), or education are life’s greatest expense(s).  Wrong!  Taxes are by far your largest expense.  So, before we do anything else, it is only naturally (to us at least) when trying to achieve (or improve) wealth, we look at the opportunities to reduce your tax liability… today and in the future.  We can do this by preparing your tax return or just providing a review of it or by having a detailed conversation with you regarding taxes…. Or, of course, all of the above.


Investment Plan Construct:

As the majority of our clients are investing to retire wealthy, we build a plan to meet your specific wealth goal.  Based on your current financial position, ability to fund your accounts, and your retirement wants & dreams, we construct a working retirement plan for both your savings/investing years and in-retirement income years.


Funding Plan Implementation:

After a review of your investment plan and subsequent tweaks here and there, we develop a funding plan.  The two main tasks are 1) commit/decide on how much money to contribute and more importantly, 2) which type of account(s) to use.  Ensuring we are using the most tax beneficial account(s) available to you will go a long way in efficiently achieving your goal(s).


Holistic Portfolio Management:

Once we have a goal, a plan to get there, and a commitment to investing in the right account(s), we can now put your money to work!  True to our nature of only doing things that make the most sense for our client(s), we practice holistic management… meaning, that we treat all your investment account(s) as ONE portfolio.  A great way to minimize expenses while maximizing returns. 


Depending on your account structure (i.e., 401(k)’s, IRA’s, etc.), we work to invest your money in our core portfolio of stocks we buy for both growth and income. 


Annual Review:

As mentioned at the outset of this section, no two clients are alike… which is great!  While our door, email, the phone is always open; on an annual basis, we invite clients to meet and discuss their portfolio, change in goals, etc.  Some clients take advantage of it, others we haven’t seen in years.  Either way works for us!


Throughout our working relationship, we will continue to address each facet of the above on an ongoing / as-needed basis.  Whatever helps to achieve the goal of a wealthy retirement.

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