Investment Management

An Investment Approach You Can Trust For The Long-Term… For over a quarter of a century, our approach has centered on structuring a portfolio of 40 – 60 positions with long-term growth potential to exceed clients’ needs during both savings and income years.   A combination of portfolio growth via stock appreciation and income via stock dividends has resulted in an approach built for longevity… proven by its steady performance through both bull and bear markets. 


When we have you in the right account(s), our investment approach within these account(s) will then take over leading to success/achieving your goal(s). 

The financial services industry has many less than desirable investment options (i.e., sold products, short-term investment strategies) that minimize your potential returns through high expenses and poor investment selection.  As independent, fee-only financial advisors, our interest is perfectly aligned with our clients’ interest… leaving us only one way to operate... the one that makes the most sense for our clients.